One Life Documentary - Project Puerto Rico


One Life is designed to bring awareness to not only the poor and hurting of the world but also to those who are fortunate but need a new perspective.

One Life to Make a Difference. One Life to Change the World.
— One Life Team

Meet Pastor Vidal…

Vidal has an incredible heart for children. He has a soccer ministry in Sancti Spíritus, Cuba. Every Saturday 80-90+ kids come together for some good devotional message from Vidal and his Wife, and then they gather on the half field, half road, dirt and rocky soccer field for some great, intense pickup games. I had the opportunity to play goalie. I was 1 for 2 on saves and gave up a goal lol.

Pastor Vidal is reaching kids for Jesus and teaching them real life lessons. His kids grow up to be great men of God and a lot have become successful. Even one of his kids currently play in Major League Baseball in the USA.

Talking with Vidal there is a pressing need he has at the moment he asked us to pray about. He needs help. He needs some people who will gather around him and take his vision and continue to raise up these kids. Will you pray for him and his wife, that the right people will step forward and help him and the ministry to another level?


Meet Islain…

Meet Islain. I met Islain on our first day of ministry in Cuba. He drives the moto-cart pictured here. He is a member at the baptist church pastored by Victor Rueben. When we met him he had come as a guest to another church. Then about every meeting we had in Santa Clara he was present. He had a very infectious smile. He was very engaging. Our conversations were brief because of the language barrier but he was patient with me as I struggled to understand. His daughters live in Florida. He is so proud of them. He showed me pictures of his family and videos his girls had sent him from Florida. Everyday, he wakes and goes to work driving his little vehicle, hauling people around all day long. Then he volunteers and brings folks to church and takes them home. He told me he didn’t have much, but he cherished what he had. That’s the theme in Cuba. The people don’t all have much in the way of materialistic things. But they sure have love and they cherish the moments and memories they can make. Islain is another reason we are returning to Cuba. We will be helping to complete the construction on his church. So he can use his moto-cart to pack it out with people!

Meet rogney…

Meet Rogney. While in Cuba we had our own driver. Rogney was our guy. He was awesome. Funny thing about my relationship with him...he doesn’t know any English. I barely know a little Spanish. Yet we had this common bond. As one of the ladies on our trip said, “you guys are like two 14 year old boys.” Lol. Our goofiness, our humor, our kindness, and our desire to make friends allowed us to become close during the 9 days I was there. So much so, I became his co-pilot. I rode in the front seat every time. One time when another guy from our team, Pedro, tried to sit in the front seat, Rogney told him that seat was reserved for me, lol.

Rogney had never played pool before. We were at a resort for a day of relaxation. I found out he was sitting in the hot van. Immediately I invited him into the air condition. He came in and played his first game of pool. He knocked every ball in. Problem was that included the ones that weren’t his haha. You should have seen him so happy for winning. It was like watching a little kid. Never will forget.

I’ll be seeing Rogney again in June when we return. Please pray for our next trip. If you want to join in, hit me up for the details.